bryan-snyderI have over 10 years experience in visual branding and multimedia design. With a highly skilled eye, I am able to successfully fuse creativity with standard design fundamentals. I specialize in connecting audiences with ideas, products and services through print/digital design and highly creative guerrilla marketing campaigns.

I have 6 years experience in marketing and communication. My professional, though creative when needed, writing has been published in print and digital, as well as exhibited in numerous published press releases.

My experience and knowledge in social media is extensive, and is a passion. My creative writing and design skills produces eye-catching and engaging content — the key to social media.

Design + Communication + Creativity = Snyder Marketing and Design

In addition to design, I enjoy surfing, sea kayaking, painting in my studio and visiting micro breweries. I am an active artist who specializes in developing creative guerrilla marketing campaigns in urban settings. In 2012, I was awarded Los Angeles Street Artist of the Year by the leading street art website of that time. This award was earned after a campaign that utilized urban art, design, video, photography and PR.

“The community has responded and Snyder is something of a local celebrity when he paints in Los Angeles, although he lives a couple hours south in Carlsbad.”